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What Is Paleo Revolution?

Paleo Revolution is a product that supplies paleo diet related tips, recipes, lessons and a support community to users all over the world. With the aim to inspire each other to become as healthy and happy as possible. 

We offer a one time product which includes recipe and information books and video cooking lessons, as well as a membership area that includes monthly live lessons as well as new and revised recipes.

Jevon Quirk
Founder & CEO

"After being in the food industry for many years, I had to learn the hard way that the information we are force fed about food isn't always true. Whether it's information that is outdated, or information that is twisted to suit the profitability of a food company or corporation."

"I was always taught that the secret to a healthy diet was as little fats as possible and completely ignore the sugar content of products. Soon I started to wonder why so many people were still having trouble losing weight and/or feeling healthy on a low fat/high sugar diet. So I decided to investigate. After countless articles, books and videos by doctors and nutritionists, I soon found out the problem of the foods we have placed in front of us every day."

"I personally, was at around 300 pounds, and I wasn't happy about it. So I tried a diet that involved no carbohydrates, no dairy and no sugar. What I could have, was meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts and an increasing amount of fruit. The result? 40 pounds gone in just 3 months. 40 POUNDS. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy with myself and the outcome, that I was inspired to teach others how I did it."

"The bonus for me and the bonus for you? My experience as a professional chef means that I have knowledge of the foods we can use, and knowledge on how to combine them into delicious and easy recipes that I can teach YOU how to prepare at home. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur home cook, I give you step by step instructions in all my recipes so that even a beginner can make any of my recipes. I wanted to provide this product to you, so that I can make this revolution in your life as quick and easy as I possibly could."

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