5 Steps To Improve Gut Health

Here are Paleo Revolution's 5 Steps To Improve Your Gut Health

1. First things first, before you consider repairing your gut health, you need to remove what could be causing the damage.

Most people tend to have gut problems when eating Grains (Especially Gluten), Dairy, Soy & Peanuts. Processed food and food with high sugar levels can also irritate the gut. So start out by removing these irritants.

2. Up the good foods!‚Äč Start replacing all the grains and legumes with real, wholesome food like vegetables, fruit and nuts. The nutritional influx will start working to repair your gut very quickly.

3. Sleep is critical. It is during sleep when your digestive system really kicks into gear, so if you are not giving it time to deal with your day's food, then you will wake up bloated or sore.

4. Exercise. If your body is being used, it will work better. Even a decent sized walk each day will make a huge improvement. It's not just the outside of your body that changes with exercise, it's the inside also.

5. Add in good bacteria. Probiotics are not only found in dairy products (As the industry might like you to believe). Try coconut yogurt, sauerkraut or there is a bunch of vegan probiotic supplements on the market. Try em out!

Gut health has a lot to do with our everyday health. It is the center of the body and it can affect other areas when it is not in working order. Take care of your gut and your gut will literally take care of you too. 

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